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Locke Protective Officer

We have a lengthly process of discerning abilities and professional interests.

Once a candidate has expressed interest in our firm, he/she is allowed to complete a primary application and is interviewed. The Locke application has an addendum that includes a series of open-ended questions that the candidate must answer. By reviewing results, we have a better idea whether the applicant can think logically, express himself or herself clearly, and can structure a clear sentence. If Human Resources personnel are initially interested in the candidate, we proceed to in-depth screening and testing.

bullet Background Check - Locke has researched and implemented some outstanding technological capabilities that allow us to adequately screen before hiring, not during the first weeks of employment. We use a software program that links us directly with Harris County, the City of Houston, and the Texas Department of Public Safety in order to check on an applicant’s criminal history. The result of this process facilitates more face-to-face interview time with individual applicants, because time is not wasted on unqualified candidates. If results are favorable, the process continues.

bullet Unique Abilities - We recognize that in order to design and implement the best service for every account it is imperative to start with the appropriate personnel. We believe that each property has its own unique character, defined by the management, tenants and visitors, as well as the location and demographics of the area. In order to select the best candidates, we must first understand the objective of each client’s security program. Once an applicant enters our office, we begin a lengthy process of discerning abilities and professional interests. By combining our unique process and the years of experience of our people, we are able to present competent officers well suited to the specific needs of our clients.

bullet Arrest Authority - A specific portion of the process helps the applicant understand the Texas state laws regarding the arresting authority and rights of a security officer on duty. Additionally, we are able to discern how well the applicant learns from printed materials and how long it takes the individual to do so.

bullet Drug Screening - Drug tests are given on a random basis as deemed appropriate according to our Drug and Contraband policy. Sometimes the Personnel Manager or Operations Management will require that a drug screen be accomplished due to violation or according to client requirements or contract terms.

bullet Interviews - At this point in the process, a determination is made as to the applicant’s desirability. If the decision is made to continue, the applicant is scheduled for his/her first interview with the Personnel Manager. If the Personnel Manager approves the candidate, an Account Manager conducts the final interview. This insures that the appropriate candidate is well matched for a specific client.

bullet Timeline - At any time during the process, candidates may be disqualified for any reason. Our process for hiring the best personnel cannot be shortened, although often, many of these steps may be accomplished in one day. The average hiring time is three days. If a training class is scheduled the following day, all can be accomplished within that time frame. Often, a special training class is scheduled for personnel assigned to a specific site in order to speed up the on-site placement process. Since we have our own academy and instructors, specialized classroom training may be designed, implemented and accomplished at any time during the process, once a hiring decision regarding the candidate has been made.

bullet Results - By clearly communicating during the design of your site program, we will work to meet your requirements regardless of time or expense. The result is finding the right people for the right posting, with a minimum of mistakes.