Locke Protective Services
- Qualifications
- Screening Process
- Locke Training Outline
- Valuing our Employees

Locke Protective Officer
Module 1: Introduction

bullet Introduction to Locke Protective Services
bullet The role of the Security Officer
bullet Locke employment policy
bullet Importance of the Security Officer
bullet Meet the Locke Staff
Module 2: Employment Regulations
bullet Compensation
bullet Payday policy
bullet Payroll deductions
bullet Vacations or Leaves of Absence
Module 3: Rules & Regulations
bullet Specific company policies
bullet Progressive discipline program
bullet Substance Abuse Policy
bullet Communications
bullet Role Playing Scenarios
Module 4: Report Writing
bullet Purpose
bullet Content specifics (Who, What, Where, When, How)
bullet Incident Reports
bullet Daily Activity Reports
bullet Patrolling
Module 5: Legal Aspects of Security
bullet General Duties
bullet Human & Public Relations
bullet Fire Prevention basics
bullet Legal issues (limits of authority)
bullet Basic Safety issues
Module 6: Uniform Presentation
bullet Uniform issue
bullet State Board Processing
Module 7: Finals
bullet General review
bullet Locke Orientation Game
bullet Testing