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Locke Protective Officer
The single biggest challenge for companies in security is the retention of quality employees, and this is an area where Locke excels. We believe our incentive award programs, combined with higher than standard pay rates and more individual attention from our managers, all act to motivate Locke personnel and encourage loyalty and commitment. A summary of our size and turnover statistics are listed in the Support Documentís section of this report.

Our current average turnover ratio is approximately sixty 70 % below the security industry average. This average equates to replacing a position on post one time annually. Naturally, not all accounts experience this rate of turnover. Since the number is derived from all accounts, it follows that some have more while some accounts experience none.

We are very proud of the average tenure of our officers. Having started operations as recently as 1994, this statistic speaks volumes to the fact that we are able to attract and retain valuable employees. Historically, the greatest amount of turnover usually occurs within the first 30 to 90 days of employment.

High retention of employees is important for two reasons. One, it means that Locke has successfully screened potential employees to select those that are capable and committed to the profession. Two, it means that a long term commitment to Locke will be characterized by consistency and congruity with a minimum of upheaval resulting from changing personnel. In short, it means less worry for our clients.